Mercury credit card Reviews

Mercury credit card is a new version credit card which is high rewarding. The mercury card is too beneficial because you can earn reward points and convert it to cash balance. Recently Mercury MasterCard is converted from Barclay card. Mercury credit card conversion is going full fledge and you can still know about it.

Mercury credit card Reviews

Significant information about Mercury cards

Mercury cards have appropriate site where you can find all conversion regarding information of mercury credit card. If you arrive at mercury cards homepage, you’ll find several information regarding activating your new credit card or a mail regarding new credit card.  This article will provide you all information regarding onconversion and mercury credit cards.

Why Barclay cards converted to Mercury credit cards

Barclay credit cards users might have started receiving mails that their credit card is being converted into mercury cards. Barclaycard has sold their $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Credit Shop Inc. which is a company placed in Austin. The debt which is from subprime credit card accounts purchased by Barclaycard is financially too risky which a company can hold. This purchase gives high interest to their customers which aid incentives to the company.

Steps need to be taken for new mercury credit card

  • Barclay card holders who have converted will access the account from mercury card homepage.
  • If you want to activate a new card, a page will be prompted with new MasterCard form.
  • A full credit card account number will be required for activation. Last final 4 digits of SSN and your birth month and year are required.
  • Final step, once you have been verified,a confirmation mail will be verified.

How to setup new online account?

  • New account registration is required for online access.
  • A form regarding new registration is provided; you have to verify your identity.
  • By simply following step by step, you will be redirected to create new account and username.
  • When you return to homepage, you have to login with your username and password.

Details regarding mercury card conversion process

  • A letter will be received regarding mercury card from Barclaycard.
  • Conversion process details will be printed in the letter.
  • Still you can use your old Barclay credit card till your mercury card gets issued.
  • You will receive your new card about 2 weeks before conversion date.
  • On the conversion day, your mercury card will get activated and use can use it further.
  • Activation can also be done at .

Benefitsof new mercury card

New mercury is highly rewarded and your old rewards points will also be converted to your new mercury card. A customer on mercury credit card reviewsand claimed to get rewards points as cash while shopping. Mercury card states that customers earns 10$ on redemption of 1000 rewards points. One special feature of mercury credit card is that you can check your FICO credit score.

I would like to end up my article; all points are clearly well stated in appropriate manner. The most important you have to remember that you have to renew your mercury card to avoid expiration of conversion date which results in interruption.

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